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Getting Married with Kids

How does your special day work if you have kids? 

Well, it can work very well! You just have to do some extra planning...

Involve your children in the bridal preparation time

There are so many precious moments to capture between you and your children as you prepare for your special day.

Plan time out for family photos

This isn't a replacement for your couple time with your photographer (make sure you've got someone prepared to take the kids for you so that this can happen!), but having some extra time for family photos together can also give you some space in the day to be together as a family unit.

Don't be afraid to have fun

Yes, a wedding is a serious formal occasion. But it's also about you and your family, and you are allowed to have fun and be yourselves! You really want your photos to capture that atmosphere of excitement and laughter and play that children can help to create on your special day.

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